Unity of Life is a 501c3 public benefit non profit organization founded in 2007.  Our mission is to prevent and eliminate homelessness through family preservation and unification of our communities.  Founder Devona E. Chiles saw an under-served need to provide assistance to those on the verge of homelessness and educate the community about who and what homelessness looks like and how it affects our community.  Our Community Cares Program provides assistance to low and moderate income individuals and families in California, who are either not being supported by or not eligible for government assistance,  with food, toiletries, utility and rent assistance, and other referrals.  This program is supported by the generous donations of individuals and companies in the community and because of them we have provided assistance to over 700 families in need and we are striving to do more.  Our vision – to provide affordable housing, sustainable programs and resources for homeless and low to moderate income individuals and families in need. A world free of poverty.

Copies of our filed 990 Forms and Exemption Status Letters can be found on the  GuideStar website.