The pressure washer pumps are of different types and operate on different pressure values. It can also be controlled on pressure washers that how many gallons of water they pump or spray in a minute. The pressure washer pump that operates up to 2200 pounds per square inch is known as a 2200psi pressure washer.

Cleaning with 2200psi Pressure Washer:

The normal pressure that is used in garden hoses or pipes, is between 40 and 80 pounds per square inch. The pressure lower than 40psi would be very low to clean the dirty surfaces effectively and efficiently. While pressure above 80psi is not recommended officially for homes and residents. It gives us a guess of how strong is 2200psi. Therefore, a 2200psi pressure washer is mostly used commercially. These pumps are normally used to clean hard surfaces and large things, like concrete, building walls, roads, heavy traffic vehicles, heavy machinery and sometimes cars. These pumps cannot be used for cleaning fragile surfaces. Because there is a risk that fragile surfaces would be damaged by the high pressure and velocity of the water.

Choosing the right amount of PSI for cleaning different surfaces:

The right amount of PSI should be chosen based on how strong the surface is, which is to be cleaned. PSI is the most important factor for cleaning the different surfaces. The 2200psi pressure washer is considered a high-pressure device because it is among heavy-duty pressure washers. Firstly, you should have an idea of how strong is the chemical bond or physical bond between the smudge and the surface. If they are strongly attached, then high water pressure is required to remove the dirty marks and stains. Increasing the PSI of the pressure washer also increases the gallons of water sprayed per minute (GPM of water).

Importance of PSI and GPM for cleaning:

As we know that PSI means pounds per square inch. This is the pressure of water which is sprayed by the pressure washer. GPM is the abbreviation of gallons per minute. It is the volume of water that is sprayed on the smudgy surfaces. These both PSI & GPM are the most important factors of pressure washer pumps in terms of effective cleaning. PSI refers to the force that strips off the dirt from the surface to be cleaned. If you want to understand the GPM, then it can be considered as the power of water to wash off the dirt. Their ideal combination should be used for efficient and effective cleaning.

Replacing the pump to choose the required PSI:

If you want to replace the pump of your pressure washer, then you should know the following things.

  • You should know how much PSI you require for your cleaning purpose.
  • The pump you are buying should also be compatible with the pressure washer you are using currently.
  • It should also be kept in mind whether your pressure washer is axial, wobble or triplex.
  • It should also be noted that whether your motor is mounted vertically or horizontally.


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