Your 20s are some of the most important years of your life. While you get busy with all the added responsibilities, your skin also undergoes a lot of changes. While most people believe they shouldn’t worry about skincare till their 30s, experts recommend that it is better to start early.

While you are at it, you must also be careful of some skincare mistakes you might be making. Dermatologist Dr Aanchal Panth, recently, shared five such skincare mistakes that you should avoid in your 20s. Take a look.

Be careful of these skincare mistakes, as shared by the dermatologist.

Skipping moisturiser

Moisturiser is a very important part of the skincare routine. People with normal to oily skin tend to skip moisturiser completely thinking they don’t need it. However, all types of skin need moisturiser. So, make sure you get one suitable for your skin.

Foaming face wash for dry skin

People tend to feel that unless a face wash makes a thick foam, it’s not cleaning your face. Foaming face wash can be very drying on normal to dry skin.

Not removing eye make-up properly

We are all guilty of doing this. Small particles of kajal can irritate the thin eyelid skin. This can make you develop dry patches around the eyes as well as make fine lines appear earlier.

Not applying enough sunscreen

Thanks to the Internet that now we know we have to use an adequate amount of sunscreen to receive the protection mentioned on the bottle. The two-finger rule for the whole face is the easiest to follow.

Buying expensive products

Skincare is all about being consistent. Results are not visible overnight. So, buy products in the affordable range which you can repurchase and use for a long time.

“Follow these and your old self with thank your young self for good skin health,” the dermatologist said.


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