Creating a soft and glamours eyeshadow look is one of the most fantastic things for every girl. However, picking the right eyeshadow colors at the right place can be a daunting task sometimes. Well! With the mindset of looking good and fitting the vibe that you will be going for and blending them amazingly, it can usually feel like it demands expert help. Well! The reality can become different if you learn the key to reaching the soft eye makeup goal by using the right color combos. If you are curious to know what type of color combination can fit best with your color complexion and style, read this post to the bottom line. Here, we will give you some pro tips and tricks into wearing the soft and natural eye makeup trend.

Cream and Dusk

No matter if you are a skilled MUA or a noob, if you want to make a naturally soft look with a touch of creativity, cream eye shadows are perfect for you. Trying a creamy formula with a powder shadow on the top will make your eyes 10x prettier. For making the look on a reasonable budget, you can use ancient cosmetics Milk Tea Eyeshadow Palette or Palette Eye 4 Colors Shadow VIBELY Shimmer cream palette. These cream eyeshadow palettes contain shadow powder and creamy colors that will help you to complete your look by using only a single palette kit.

Burnt Orange and Lavish Pink

Burnt orange and lavish pink combination is the best choice you can ever go for. Why? Well, whether you want to create this look by using cream eye shadow or powder shadow, you can choose whatever you want. All you have to do is select your eyeshade type (cream or powder shadow), and after that, create the burnt orange and lavish pink look on the go. For creating this look, you can ancient cosmetics use 8 Colors Avocado Pumpkin Eye Shadow Makeup if you want to go with a powder shadow. And if you want to create a creamy look, you can use 6 Colors Blush Makeup Palette Mineral Powder.

Sleek Rose and Champagne

The combination is sleek pink, and the champagne color is really attractive. This combination is just perfect if you want to create a super soft natural look as well as attractive and flattering. Apply champagne color all over your eyes, and on the top, give a touch of sleek rose cream or power shadow. Go for the ancient cosmetics Shiny Brightening Champagne Gold Rose eye stick and top it with your favorite rose pink color.

Faint Pink and Ash

Have you ever created a smoky look with a touch of pink on the top of it? No? Well, you can go for it now. Pink and ash colors will add a soft and natural look to your smoky eye shadow look. Go for ancient cosmetics Phone Case Eye Shadow Box by NARS without doubting it.


So in this post, we told you about almost four natural looks that you can create easily by yourself. Now, it’s your turn to choose your desired look and go for it.


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