The human hair bundles are highly sought-after products as people can use them to make weaves, wigs or wear them as extensions. There are numerous times when human hair bundle sellers have been called out for selling inauthentic products. They put human hair tags on fake human hair to get their products off the shelves and dupe clients into paying more money than the hair is worth. You can avoid falling victim to such scams by testing authentic human hair bundles.

Authentic human hair bundles tests

You can use standard tests to ensure you do not spend money on fake human hair bundles. Below are some tests you can efficiently conduct;

1. The fire test

This is the most effective authentic human hair bundles test. Below is a step by step guide for conducting this test on human hair bundles before purchasing them;

a. Cut or pluck a few strands

You must cut or pluck a few hair strands from the bundle. The last thing you want is to set the entire bundle on fire. Make sure only to pluck a few strands, so you are not forced to purchase the product for damaging it.

b. Light up the hair strands and watch what happens

Once you have cut the few strands, step away from any flammable item and set the hair on fire. If the hair melts and clumps up, it indicates that it is not authentic human hair. Natural human hair will powder up and break down. On the other hand, plastic or synthetic products melt and form clumps. The fire test is as easy as that!

2. The moisture test

Like the fire test, this one is also relatively easy to do. Below are steps for the moisture test for authentic human hair bundles;

a. Take out a small portion of the bundle

It would be wise not to immerse the entire bundle in water as it will take longer to dry. The seller may also not allow you to do this unless you have already paid for the hair. However, if they have a return policy and you have already taken the hair home, you can do as you please. So long as you do not damage the hair.

b. Insert it in water and let it dry

Insert the hair in water and allow it to dry. If the hair gets tangled, dramatically changes texture, and gets matted, it’s a sign of inauthenticity. Authentic human hair will remain soft, get a few curls, and remain loose.

The fiber-check test

This test only requires your visual skills. All you need to do is observe the hair’s physical qualities like the texture, volume, and color. It would be wise to research the qualities of various human hair types to compare them.


Authentic human hair bundles are usually expensive. Therefore, it should be a red flag if a company offers human hair bundles at suspiciously low prices. You can get natural human hair bundles from reliable stores on the internet or offline. However, you must conduct your research before trusting a brand or store to provide you with authentic products.


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