Encase a long-lasting and unforgettable experience of vaping with the new Caliburn, an exclusive collection offered by UWELL. Its long-lasting battery can offer an uninterrupted vaping sensation for an entire day. At its refillable pod furnished at the top, is a collection of your preferable freebase e-juice or nicotine salts. So, from now, you don’t need to assort each required piece of equipment to fulfill your vaping need. One Caliburn device can do the needful with a lot more satisfaction.

Read this page in detail and get each fact about the Caliburn vaping product, its features, and its uses before buying this.

Why Uwell Caliburn Rocks?

Currently, several vaping devices are available in the market, and it’s becoming tougher to choose one among them all. In this section, you can get the reasons why  Caliburn should come at the top of your priority.

1. Stylish Design

The large screen of the Caliburn cell contains a lot of information about the pack, its benefits, and proceedings. The Caliburn screen contains an OLED screen that displays its battery life, making it easier for the user to predict its validity. Apart from this, it has output power, coil resistance, voltage, and puff displays. These data visualizations can make the product more user-friendly and reliable.

2. Several Flavors To Try

With Caliburn, you can enjoy a venture of flavorful varieties. Several options will get opened for you after choosing this collection. UWELL collections offer the exclusive Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology, which is designed specifically for the CALIBURN product. This exclusive feature can provide you with the unique benefits of experiencing authentic and preferred flavors. Select CALIBURN from now for a flavorful vaping journey.

3. Easy Purchase Option

Now you can get the exclusive UWELL CALIBURN vaping collection simply sitting at your home, because, UWELL products are available at online shopping stores.  All you need to do is  just visit the UWELL website, chose your favorite CALIBURN collection from its portal, and proceed for purchasing. Four popular online stores, My AliExpress, and  Amazon.co, Made-in-China, and DH gate.com. will get opened for you to shop.

4. Long-lasting Vapes

UWELL’s CALIBURN vaping device comes not only with various flavors and easy-to-purchase facilities, but also it can give you a long-lasting vaping experience from just one bottle.

With its large battery of 850 mAh capacity, this device can give you the unlimited sensation of e-liquid of around 3 ml, so, you can expect more than a day’s vaping experience with CALIBURN.

5. Futuristic Way Of Inhaling Nicotine

With its intelligent firing channel detection feature, the application of CALIBURN has become easiest than ever. You just have to draw the fire button or press it to vape. The button firing is made to give you the convenience to start or stop the vaping procedure instantly and precisely.

6. Way Better Than Regular Cigarettes

The intolerable smoke of regular cigarettes can make you agitated and uneasy, while your near ones may get disturbed by its irregular use. On the top, it can’t provide you with more than one flavor, which must meet your convenience. Alter your taste and prefer UWELL’s CALIBURN vaping device for an unforgettable vaping experience.

7. High-quality Product

The new CALIBURN series by UWELL is capturing the net world not only for its amazing design and exclusive features, but it is constructed with some high-quality features, like the OLED screen, multifunctional pod system, Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology, and many more additions. These features together have created a well-good quality product.


CALIBURN is an exclusive product delivered to UWELL, the leading platform of vaping devices. It’s lightweight and portable quality giving it extra points for your preference. Caliburn’s vape pod setting has easy-to-use features and a variety of aromas. The above benefits and many more add-ons are ready to give you an ideal opening for a new vaping journey.


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