LED strip lights are an incredible and facile way to decorate any place. There are countless different tactics for using these lights to enhance the design.

However, unlike other LED lights, the setup of strip lights is a bit changed. Rather than using holders or clips, adhesive tapes are used to fix these lights on walls.

But the term adhesive tapes come with a lot of questions;

  1. Are LED light strips damaging to walls?
  2. Which types of tapes are used in installation?
  3. What is the effect of LED strips on different surfaces?
  4. Is it possible to remove and reuse the strips without wall damage?

The removal and reuse of lights are very common while shifting the house, painting, and other constructional tasks.

In this article, we will clear all of these concerns of users. Let’s start with the first one!

Are LED light Strips Damaging to Walls?

LED light strips are not damaging to the walls. However, their removal can be tricky. You can damage the wall paint by the careless disposal of strips.

Which Types of Tapes are Used in Installation of Strips?

3M adhesive tape is manufactured by the led strip light supplier and is available primarily with the lights. You can use the following other tapes as well;

  • Adhesive clips
  • Glue dots
  • Command strips
  • Hot glue
  • Foam and gorilla tape

What is the Effect of LED Strips on Different Surfaces?

The removal and reuse of light strips are not the same for all surfaces. These strips are used on these surfaces;

  1. Painted walls
  2. Plastic surfaces
  3. Wallpaper walls
  4. Tile walls
  5. Wooden surfaces

It would be best to be careful about the painted and wallpaper walls as it’s easy to remove the tape from plastic, wood, and tiles without damage.

Removal and Reuse Process of Light Strips:

1. Unplug the Lights

Before removing the strips, don’t forget to cut the power supply of the strips. Safety should be your priority.

2. Removal of LED Light Strips

LED light strips are attached to the walls through adhesive tapes. The hassle-free installation of these lights is one of the major causes of their popularity. But installation comes with the removal questions as well. ‘

For the save removal of strips, follow these steps;

  • Heat the adhesive tapes to loosen up. You can use the hairdryer or straightener to apply some heat to the stripes. While heating the strips, use a limited amount of heat that will not damage the light or its sensors.
  • After applying the heat, start removing the tape carefully from one end.
  • If the tape will leave any glue residue on the wall, remove that with your thumb.
  • Don’t use any hard material or stretch the glue.

3. Recover the Adhesiveness of Light Strips

The tapes usually lose their functionality after removing them from one surface. So, to reuse the strips, you need to restore the stickiness tape.

  • To remove adhesive tape safely, vigorously rub the tape with acetone soaked cloth.
  • Avoid using too much liquid; otherwise, it can damage the lights.
  • After removing the old tape, apply the new double-sided 3M tape on the strips to reuse them.

4. Reuse the Light Strips

After applying the new adhesive tape, you can use the strips anywhere safely.

The Bottom Line:

Hopefully, you have got all of your answers after reading the article. Now you can easily make your decision about your home décor.


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