You might have had endless shots so far and have tried them out in different vessels such as a regular shot glass or an oddly shaped glass. However you might have never tried out a penis shot glass. A penis shot glass has nothing to do with a real male genital except the fact that it is in the shape of a penis that can make your next shot session memorable. A penis shot glass is made of glass or a mix of glass and plastic and has all the carvings as found in a male genital such as the erected penis and the testicles. Some detail oriented penis shot glasses may also show-off nerves and veins too. This article is all about why you should try out your next shot in a penis shot glass.

Why Penis Shot Glass?

Let’s focus on some interesting uses and the reasons for using this glass:

  • You can get away from boring old fashioned shot glasses. Gone are the days when you had shots in a regular glass of a regular shape. A penis shaped glass is futuristic.
  • Shots won’t taste different but will give you a different feel and experience in these glasses. Obviously, the way of handling a penis glass will be different and will resemble as if holding a real one.
  • It’s a good choice in youth oriented parties where boys and girls want to hang out together and get close to each other. Girls drinking in a male genital glass will look more attractive and will attract more boys than other girls in the party. In a nutshell, a penis shot glass has the capability to change the party’s mood and environment.
  • These products on Alibaba come with a warranty and you can always ask for a replacement of a defective product if applicable.
  • If you’re a girl and love penises and drinks, then there’s no point in holding back. A penis shot glass is worth trying out for such girls.

Product Features

There are certain features of a penis shot glass that helps it stand out from other varieties in the crockery world. These are illustrated below:

  1. A penis shot glass is of high quality as the glass frame is very thick which aids its overall straight.
  2. The base of the glass is flat so you can keep it on the table without the worry of it rolling and felling on the ground.
  3. These glasses are just like regular glasses and the only difference is their extraordinary shape and intelligent design.
  4. Penis shot glasses are available in different sizes and qualities. You can choose small shot glasses or large ones that are better suited for drinking along with shots.


So far you learned a lot about why you should buy a penis shaped shot glass and what are its features that make it stand out. The next thing to do is to buy a glass for yourself and the recommended website is Alibaba as it offers quality products.


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