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You might have heard of weird designs when it comes to shot glass and a penis shot glass design is one of them. Don’t take it the wrong way because a penis shot glass is simply a shot glass in the form of a penis shape that’s meant to attract a more people in the market. Its extraordinary design and appealing appearance attracts people into buying it hence increasing shot glass sales. However, you might be curious to know why the global market is so crazy for a penis shot glass. This article elaborates on it.

Features & Why People Love Penis Shot Glass?

This section elaborates on some reasons for people’s love towards these glasses:

  1. The penis shaped glass is something you won’t see everyday and everywhere. Therefore, it helps stand out from crowd. People having shots from a penis shot glass will look different and that will increase their attention in the public.
  2. A penis shot glass has increased strength and durability owing to its design.
  3. Its realistic design is its main center of attraction. You will find high level of detailing in the penis shot glasses that include male genitals and an erect penis along with the front tip, which resembles a real human male genital.
  4. The base is flat at the genitals part, which makes it possible to place the glass on a table or any flat surface.
  5. There are several color options available ranging from crystal clear shot glass to colored ones. They’re ideal for drinking wine and other alcoholic beverages at any event or a party.
  6. Some people are fond of collecting and using unique products that are designed uniquely. If you’re such type of person then this male genital shot glass is worth giving a try.

Where To Buy From?


Alibaba is one of the leading online marketplace where you can connect with several suppliers who’re engaged in the production and selling of penis shot glasses. You can contact them directly and discuss about the purchase and the product requirements. They’ll quote the best price for your requirement and will guide you how to proceed with the order placement. You can ask them for samples if they offer and also discuss about MOQ and trade assurance deals. That will help you get a satisfactory buying experience on the platform.

Why Alibaba?

There are several reasons that make Alibaba worth trying out:

  • Trade assurance orders are meant to safeguard the buyers from seller frauds. It also ensures that the product is of the quality that was discussed and that the seller ships the product on time to avoid business delays.
  • MOQ is one feature that’s short for Minimum Order Quantity which defines what’s the minimum number of pieces you need to order. There are several small businesses on Alibaba that offer as low as 1 piece per order.
  • Alibaba also supports international shipment facility to limited areas. Moreover, your supplier can arrange a shipment for your convenience also. Just ask them to help you out with the shipment and forwarding.


So, if you’re interested in this product, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab one penis shot glass for your next party today. It barely takes a few hours for the suppliers to respond while some suppliers also respond within a minute on Alibaba.


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